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Introduction and Goal of the Study



Choosing Comparable Communities

Choosing A Cost of Living Model

Figure 1: Cost of Living Model

Quality Assurance

Section 1. Community Profile: Yellow Springs 1970-2000

Introduction and Goal


County Profile Demographics

Population Change Comparison

Population Percent Change

Occupation Comparison

Income Change Comparison

Poverty Change Comparison

Education Attainment Change Comparison

Median Age Change Comparison

Gender of Population Change Comparison

Racial Diversity Change Comparison

Household Change Comparison

Housing Value Change Comparison

Employment Change in Yellow Springs

Change in Households in Yellow Springs

Section 2. Cost of Living Comparison: Yellow Springs and Neighboring Communities, 2000

Introduction and Goal


Figure 2: Communities Screened for Comparison

Selection Criteria

Population, 2000

Median Household Income, 2000

Percent of Population with 16+ years of Education

Occupation by Category

Income Local Comparison

Section 2A: Housing Costs

Introduction and Goal


Housing Value Local Comparison

Housing Mortgage Local Comparison

Housing Rent Local Comparison

Comparative Housing Data Local Comparison

Section 2B: Utilities

Introduction and Goal


Utilities, Electric Local Comparison

Utilities, Water and Sewer Local Comparison

Utilities, Solid Waste Removal Local Comparison

All Utilities Local Comparison

Section 2C: Taxes

Introduction and Goal


Property Taxes, Effective Rate Local Comparison

Property Taxes, Total Rate Local Comparison

Income Taxes, Municipal Local Comparison

Income Taxes, School Local Comparison

Sales Tax Local Comparison

Section 2D: Services

Introduction and Goal


Personal Services Local Comparison

Health Services Local Comparison

Repair Services Local Comparison

Section 2E: Grocery Items

Introduction and Goal


Commodities, Grocery Items Local Comparison

Appendix A: Tabulated Data from original Sources

Introduction and Goal


Comparing Yellow Springs to Ohio and the U.S

Table 1: Occupation

Table 2: Income

Table 3: Poverty

Table 4: Education

Table 5: Age

Table 6: Gender

Table 7: Racial Diversity

Table 8: Household Size

Table 9: Housing Value

Comparing Yellow Springs to Neighboring Communities

TABLE 10. Housing Costs in Yellow Springs v. Neighboring Communities

TABLE 11. Taxes in Yellow Springs v. Neighboring Communities

TABLE 12. Cost of Services in Yellow Springs v. Neighboring Communities

TABLE 13. Cost of Grocery Items in Yellow Springs v. Neighboring Communities