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James A. McKee Association

(Jim's Group)


The Yellow Springs Men's Group was organized in the fall of 1993 by retired Police Chief James A. McKee, known to many as "Chief."

Our organizational purpose, as stated in our by-laws, is to carry out research and education The three primary areas of interest have been support of public information, education and participatory democracy.Specific topics in village affairs in which we have expressed interest and concern include: the affordability of living in Yellow Springs,protection and expansion of our economic base, equality of opportunity for all sectors of the community, protection of public health through rational government policies including a workable water supply protection program and the health and welfare of public education. In all of these areas of interest, members have been and still are dedicated to discovering, defining and promoting the long-term benefits to the village as a whole rather than some specific sector or interest group.

In 2004 the name was changed to the James A. McKee Association to honor our founder and better reflect our mission.

The James A. McKee Association (Jim's Group) has a membership of nearly forty men and women of diverse cultural and ethnic background and welcomes additional members who are interested in working hard for a better community.


Guest Presentations-At most of the bi-monthly meeting a speaker is invited to help keep the group informed about some element of the community. Examples of guest speakers are: the president of Antioch College, a representative from Community Resources, representatives from the Senior Citizens, Small Business owners, and representatives from other community organizations. The regular meeting agenda includes updates on the Village Council meetings, Chamber of Commerce meetings, and local business and community news.

The James McKee Scholarship Fund- The Group holds an annual fundraising event to support the James McKee Scholarship Fund. For three years the event has been a Magic Show but more recently we have presented a social evening of Casino style games, music and food. McKee Awards have been made to several students over the last 4 years for their academic and leadership achievements.

Website- The James A. McKee Association has created a website to foster interactive communication between the group, community organizations and residents of the village.

Support of Community-wide Efforts- The group supports community efforts such as the annual Lions Club Fireworks Fund, High School Track Fund, and the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce.


Community Economic Planning Forum- This initiative was based upon the Cost of Living Study (see below) and brought together over 70 community leaders to begin to develop a coordinated plan for revitalization of our economic base. The effort is ongoing with members of the group active in various ways.

Cost of Living Study- This study includes cost of living comparisons with similar communities in the area. A follow-up study is in progress.

Candidates Night- In past years this was sponsored by the League of Women Voters. This event is now hosted by the Men's Group

Water Supply Protection Forum- A town meeting held to help the community learn about issues related to our public water supply.

Historic Perspective Committee- This committee was created in 1998 to produce a series of articles suitable for publication by the YS News concerning the economic history of the village. Several articles have been planned and three have been completed and published.

Communications Network Research- A committee has been investigating the feasibility of bringing a high speed cable network to Yellow Springs and the results were published in 2004.


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