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Letter to the state requesting that Yellow Springs not be treated.

Village of Yellow Springs
100 Dayton Street
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
Tel: 937-767-7202

March 16, 2001

Mr. Jim Mickey
Gypsy Moth Coordinator
Ohio Department of Agriculture
8995 E Main St.
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068-3399

Dear Mr. Mickey:

Thank you for the February 14, 2001 letter, related to the proposed treatment of pheromone flakes to disrupt the spread of gypsy moth. After much public discussion and dialogue about the technique, the Village Council requests the Village of Yellow Springs not be included in the treatment. The reason for this request specifically relates to the environmental unknowns of the proposed treatment, the exploration of other alternatives by the Village, and a better understanding of the threat of gypsy moth and the pheromone material.

The pheromone material proposed for release in the Village of Yellow Springs contains many environmental unknowns. In fact, according to the Material Safety Data Sheet, exposure to the material to skin can result in the attraction of male gypsy moth for a period of ten years. With this and other research, the Village believes more information is needed to make an informed decision.

The exploration of other alternatives by the Village is also important because of adopted Integrated Pest Management policies by the Village of Yellow Springs. Non-toxic alternatives must be explored to reduce the application of chemicals to the Village. In population settings where people live and tourist visit, exposure to "undocumented" material to the public is questionable. The Village has preliminary plans for alternatives, which would slow the spread. These techniques include restricting movement through tree banding and biological controls, which have been successful in slowing the spread in other communities.

Finally, additional questions have been raised about the actual threat to the community as it relates to gypsy moth infestation. The Village will be pursuing data gathering to help the Village better understand the threat and how to respond.

Please be clear we encourage other municipalities to pursue strategies, which are reasonable in their opinion. For example, Glen Helen and other property owners have expressed interest 'in allowing the aerial application of the pheromone flakes. We support Glen Helen and do not object. They are located on grounds predominantly in Miami Township and to our knowledge; township officials have not expressed objections. The same could be said of the John Bryan State Park. We believe in the stated mission of the slow spread program that participation is voluntary. Further, we do question the spray of the material without permission of the municipality. If the State of Ohio is not in agreement please contact us so we may officially determine the legality of the action.

Again thank you for your discussion of these very important issues. Please keep us informed of the action to whether the State will treat the Village of Yellow Springs. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.


Rob Hillard
Village Manger

CC: Village Council

U.S. Forest Service
Department of Agriculture
Slow the Spread Program