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Yellow Springs Tree Committee

Yellow Springs has a history of being a beautiful village.  The Yellow Springs Tree Committee is an organization of volunteers that plants and cares for trees and shrubs on public properties in Yellow Springs to carry on that tradition.

We have planted over 2000 ornamental landscape size trees. We accomplish this by donations and help from people like you. Be a part of Yellow Springs beautification. Send your tax deductible donation, or a note volunteering, to the address below.

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The Functions of YSTC are:

1. To provide planting and care of ornamental trees and shrubs on public lands in the village.

2. To advise on matters pertaining to selection, culture and safeguarding of trees and shrubs.

3. To maintain a list of memorial and commemorative plantings. The committee is prepared to offer assistance to persons contemplating planting tribute trees.

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Contact Information

The date and time of the next meeting will be announced in the Yellow Springs News


Postal address

  Yellow Springs Tree Committee
   Post Office Box 122
   Yellow Springs, OH 45387


Electronic mail

Tree Committee



Facebook page


( www.facebook.com/ystreecommittee )

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