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The Tree Committee is composed of volunteers who have an interest in making Yellow Springs an attractive village. There is no application and no dues. Just come help with the work and attend our (infrequent) meetings. Contact one of us below or write PO box 122, Yellow Springs, OH 45387.

The Tree Committee invites anyone who would like to work with us to get in touch. We can use all kinds of skills, from web page design to turning a shovel. Even baking cookies for our meetings is greatly appreciated. 



Anna Bellisari 767-2162 Secretary: Macy Reynolds 767-2981

Daniel Pelzl 767-1081
Village Liaison: Roger Beal
Volunteer Coordinator:
Dan Beverly 767-2586 Technical Advisor:

Tribute Trees:

Kim Rohmann 937-450-3495 Newsletter: Tom LaMers  767-9187