December 26, 2001

Mr. Robert Hillard
Yellow Springs Village Manager
100 Dayton Street
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Dear Mr. Hillard:

The data generated during the 2001 Gypsy Moth Pheromone Trapping Program in central Greene County have been analyzed. The results indicate the Gypsy Moth Mating Disruption treatments at John Bryan State Park and Glen Helen Nature Preserve significantly impacted the ability of the male moths to specifically target a single source of pheromone. This would imply the male moths were not highly successful at locating the female moths and few, if any, fertilized egg masses were created. In 2002, we plan to once again intensively trap both of these treatment sites to further confirm our initial results. The intensity of the 2002 trapping effort will be either an 1,000 or 500 meter grid. The location of trap placement will be left to the discretion of the trapper.

Trapping data from within the limits of Yellow Springs identified, at this time, only one area of concern. A trap located on Omar Drive collected an unusually high number of moths in an area with low background catches. An on-site investigation associated the source of the moths to a load of firewood transported from Trumbull County. New (2001)egg masses had been deposited on the firewood. The resident and owner of the firewood indicated he will bum the firewood this winter, Once that occurs, no further action will be necessary.

The history of Gypsy Moth in Yellow Springs will once again require us to deploy pheromone traps in the area in 2002 to continue to monitor for the presence of this insect pest. Once again, the trapper working in Greene County will be provided maps with target circles indicating the area recommended for trap deployment. The final point of placement will be the decision of the trapper.

Thank you for your interest in our program. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or desire additional information.


William Pound, Ph.D

Gypsy Moth Program Manager