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More Information About Who We Are

Many organizations and individuals help beautify our Village and Public places. The Yellow Springs Tree Committee provides Technical Assistance in Care and Planting to groups such as the Library Grounds Committee, the Antioch College campus, the High School Gardens and the planning of the Bike Trail Yellow Springs Station in Rahn Park, etc. We sponsor Arbor Day observances for Mills Lawn students and work to help keep parks in good condition. We also accomplish Tribute and Memorial Tree Plantings.

The Tree Committee is a not-for-profit organization committed to protection, conservation and planting of trees on Village owned property and other public spaces in the Yellow Springs community. It evolved from a group of people who worked with 25 trees planted on Mills Lawn honoring retiring newspaper editor Keith Howard in 1976. Contributions from everyone are always appreciated.

Current Membership includes horticulture related professionals plus many individuals from the general public interested and concerned about trees. Our goal is to create, maintain and promote a safe, healthy, interesting and attractive urban forest for the enhancement of the natural environment of Yellow Springs. Anyone can join, we ask only that you attend at least one meeting a year and invest some ideas, effort, or funds toward our goal. Our Sub-Committees can use your help. Contact the leader to volunteer and check the News page for current activities. It also has recent articles about the Tree Committee.

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